Jens Hansen Excellence Award for four seasons on the window

Jens Hansen Excellence Award for four seasons on the window

JensHanson AwardOfExcellence
This prestigious annual prize for studio work excellence in NMIT’s Bachelor of Arts and Media programme was awarded to a student with a vision for transforming what we see.

Ming Yan’s impressive large-scale window murals were selected by external moderators, Michael Greaves from the Dunedin School of Art and Tricia Falkner from UCOL, for the Jens Hansen Gold and Silversmith Excellence Award.

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Ming Yan and her BAM2018 exhibition

Lauded as “beauty on a grand scale for the contemporary crowded city context,” by the moderators, Yan’s work captures colour and light to transform the atmosphere of the interior space.

Halfdan Hansen, general manager and creative director at Jens Hansen, says that talent displayed by NMIT’s arts graduates is consistently impressive.

“Contributing to the vibrant Nelson arts scene is something we’re passionate about. My father Jens was a jeweller, sculptor and artist, and also a huge supporter of NMIT, so we’re proud to continue that. He deeply believed in the creative talent that can be found in Nelson, and we honour his legacy by fostering and supporting the community through this award.”

Ming Yan found inspiration in the beauty and ephemeral nature of flowers. “A flower grows and blooms for a short time, so artists have only a fleeting moment to capture the delicate beauty of the new bloom.”

Reflecting on the way city workers are encased in air-conditioned buildings with no connection to the natural world, Ming Yan brought nature to the office window. A prolific watercolour painter of flowers and foliage, Ming Yan expanded these evocative paintings into colourful, transparent murals that adhere to windows, generating an immersive viewing experience.

Ming Yan evokes the work of psychologist Dr Dacher Keltner, who said ‘experiencing the emotions of awe and beauty has positive effects on our health,’ and ‘admiring art works is one of the ways we can experience these emotions. It can even help prolong life.’

Stuart Campbell, Curriculum Manager for Digital Technologies, Arts & Media also announced three Distinction awards for studio work. Sponsored by The Framing Rooms, Impressions, and the Nelson Suter Art Society, these are awarded to Luke Hippolite, Penny Royal and Charlotte Hutton.

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The Framing Rooms Award of Distinction, Luke Hippolite
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Impressions Award of Distinction, Penny Royal
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Nelson Suter Art Society Award of Distinction, Charolotte Hutton

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