Portfolio 2017 by Rachael Persico

Portfolio 2017 by Rachael Persico

rachael persico bachelor of arts and media student2
Fashion Photography project, completed as part of the Bachelor of Arts and Media

Recipient of The Framing Rooms and Impressions joint Distinction in Studio Work award 2017.

This work consists of a collection of fashion photographs presented in a professional portfolio and large format printed images.

With a history in fashion design, now creating fashion photographs and working in collaboration with Nelson clothing boutiques and local hair and beauty stylists; the art of crafting fashion imagery has been explored and refined.
Critical aspects of the work have involved the designing of each photographic shoot; considering the styling of the models’ hair and makeup, the lighting, and selecting suitable locations in Nelson.

These elements were used to control the mood, also to best market the clothing.
Locations were chosen to influence the interpretation of an image, for example; controllable studio lighting, or natural lighting, considered in relation to the type of garment, as well as being shaped to the models’

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