Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Management
Level 8

Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Management

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    30 November 2020
    22 February 2021
    3 May 2021
    12 July 2021
    20 September 2021
    29 November 2021

    Offshore Online:

    12 October 2020


    30 November 2020
    22 February 2021
    12 July 2021
  • Length

    32 teaching weeks plus 10 weeks of study breaks

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  • Fees

    2020/2021: $7,500 plus $240 Student Services Levy

    Fees listed are for each year of the programme, indicative only and may vary with course selection. View course details for individual fees. A Compulsory Student Services Fee also applies.

  • National qualification code

    3785 - Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Management

Online programme.

Get started with Postgraduate study and pathway onto the Master of Applied Management

This programme is the first 12 months of the Master of Applied Management.

Choose to study the Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Management without a major or take specific courses to major in one of five elective areas.

This programme is made up of

International Business 

In an increasingly interconnected world, it is essential for managers to develop knowledge and skills to operate in the global business environment. Study the international business major with NMIT to prepare yourself for doing business across borders in your future career. 

Study: International Strategic Management, Global Logistics and the Supply Chain Management, International Strategic Marketing and International Financial Management 

Logistics and Supply Chain Management 

Logistics and supply chain management is a dynamic industry -  responding capably, and with creativity and innovation, to emerging challenges faced by all New Zealanders. NMIT is one of the few institutes in the country to offer a postgraduate qualification in this fast-moving and strategic subject area. Logistics and supply chain management is well aligned in support of Nelson’s vibrant export markets, making this a great location from which to further your career.

Study: Storage and Warehouse Techniques, Transportation, Distribution and Network Management, Strategic Procurement and Inventory Management, Performance Measurement and Process Outsourcing 

Aquaculture Management

Aquaculture in New Zealand is riding a wave – with the NZ Government setting a goal of the industry generating over $3 billion revenue by 2035. This dynamic industry’s continued expansion relies on the development of qualified, passionate professionals. The major of aquaculture management will equip you with an understanding of this highly lucrative industry, and the principles and practices of operations strategy in this industry’s context.

Study these two 30 credit courses: GSA801 Sustainable Aquaculture Practice, GSA802 Sustainable Aquaculture Management
Note - other majors consist of four 15 credit courses, for Aquaculture Management there are two 30 credit courses. 

Business Analytics 

Business analytics is a process of transforming data into insights to inform decision-making. Here, mathematics, information technology, and business domain knowledge are blended together. This causes the emergence of new hybrid jobs and create demand for a new kind of professionals, those who have both technical and non-technical skills and know how to use them to solve diverse business problems.

This major is designed so that you can develop this skill set and be ready to practically apply it in the variety of emerging hybrid job roles. In Analytical Models and Data Analysis Techniques learn and systematise your knowledge of the most commonly used quantitative analysis techniques. Data Management and Information Chains will allow you to learn how to automate processes and connect people to business analytics. 

Study: Analytical Models and Data Analysis Techniques, Data Management and Information Chains and our Special Topic course

Healthcare Management 

If you have experience or a qualification in a healthcare related career, this major is designed to take you to the next level in management. Through this major, you will learn about global healthcare systems, trends and issues, with a particular focus on New Zealand. You will have the opportunity to appraise and critique the management and leadership approaches in the healthcare sector, equipping you with the knowledge to make a positive impact in healthcare organisations in New Zealand or abroad. 

Study: Healthcare Systems Management, Contemporary Healthcare Leadership and Management and our Special Topic course.

All degree holders are eligible to apply

NMIT offers open entry for holders of a degree in any subject area.

Pathway onto our Master programme

A student pursuing the Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Management is required to complete four core courses and two to four electives. You can then decide if you want to, add just two terms* (< six months) with a research pathway and you can graduate with a Master of Applied Management.

*International students require a new visa if they choose to add two terms to their study to graduate with a Master of Applied Management.

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